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Great Pet News! A Fierce Ferret, A Blitz-Stopping WWII Dog, and More…

Who’s been making the pet news over the past few weeks? We’re absolutely shocked to start with news of a rampaging ferret. They’ve only seemed like adorable house pets to us. Especially when attacking pillow cases. Sadly, they don’t seem to be domesticating their ferrets as well over in England. Consider the terror of Chilwell, Notts, as a stray ferret attacked Merrell Smith, age 46,, hours. Seriously, it’s in the news story. “It just went on for me,” she says. We’re a little baffled by that, but there’s no denying the ferret was a li’l chomper. The dude even bit an officer from the RSPCA. That’s the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. No reason to bite those people, guy!  [harmless ferrets photo via facebook]

Not every critter in England is badly trained, though. Consider the epic honor that was given to Great Dane Juliana in 1941, She was rewarded a medal for…um, urinating on a bomb during a London Blitz in World War II. That was back when the Germans regularly bombed English homes. Amazingly enough, that was just the first of the Great Dane’s Blue Cross Medals. She was awarded another one in 1944 for barking to let people aware of a fire. And that might’ve all been lost to history if Juliana’s medals hadn’t recently shown up in an auction house. They sold for a lot of money, and rightfully so.

In more troubling developments, dogs have begun to twerk…

Here’s an inspiring story: Claire Lennon of Berkshire, England had to be reminded of how much chickens love shiny objects–the hard way, too. Her cockerel Sarah did a quick dip and gobbled down a diamond earring that’s worth about $470 in American dollars. Now the owner is patiently waiting for her pet to die before being able to retrieve the earring. That’s mainly because Claire has a 6-year-old daughter who’s very attached to the chicken. We can assume that Claire accepts some responsibility, too. Did we mention that Sarah is a male? Yeah. He was probably just getting some revenge.

And finally, here are some dogs that don’t have to be coaxed into the bath. It took a while for this clip to be discovered, but enjoy the viral cuteness as two miniature dachshunds frolic in the tub–and, yes, the owner is watching out for any back injuries…

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