Lifestyle — 07 May 2013
Video of the Day: Bulldog on a Trampoline!

Our first thought at the start of this video was, “Don’t put that poor bulldog on a trampoline!” We’re not even sure if those things are safe for kids. And surely a poor bulldog isn’t going to feel very secure on a surface that’s all bouncy and weird, right? Well, it turns out that we’re wrong. This bulldog really loves the trampoline. In fact, this bulldog is a real natural. You’ll see some flips and bouncing that are right up there with a few 6-year-olds that we can name. The bulldog seems to have a better sense of self-preservation, too–so enjoy this guilt-free fun video. Don’t get inspired to run out and buy a trampoline for your own back yard, though. We can’t believe that too many other pets would be having this much fun….

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