Lifestyle — 18 June 2013
Video of the Day: Kitten vs. Cat!

Oh, we’ve seen a lot of videos of cute little kittens trying to attack their bigger brethren. This video seems to have stayed under the radar, though. We’re not sure why. We could build a few sweet .gifs from this long encounter, as an orange newcomer resolutely attacks a very patient elder house cat. There’s one particularly fine moment where the adult cat tries to calm down the younger troublemaker–but this kitten cannot be calmed down because it is on the attack!

Yeah. Respect the attack. This may not the most peaceful clip that you’ll watch today, but it’s certainly packed with some of the cuddliest action that we’ve ever seen. Pass it around and help provide some internet fame for these underseen contenders. It’s not like we have enough cute cat videos out there…

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