Daily Diet Nutrition — 11 January 2013
Holistic Pet Food Skips The Chicken Beaks!  [VIDEO]

Learn more about holistic pet food–which is a high-concept way of serving up your dog and cat a dinner that’s as good as the food that you’d feed yourself! Actually, we probably eat a lot of fillers whenever we give in to our fast-food cravings. Maybe we should feed our pets better than we feed ourselves. Anyway, check out this video and learn a quick (but kind of expensive) way to give your pets a quality meal. Don’t be giving your pet the loathsome leftovers of food processing for humans! Actually, now we’re feeling kind of guilty for how excited our pets have been getting anytime we give them a popular canned brand instead of dry food. Oh, well. This footage should guilt us into being better humans…

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  1. [...] Frankly, we’re more tempted to give it a try ourselves. We couldn’t say that for the holistic pet food.  We also like that Evive has a dog hanging around the kitchen. That’s a lucky little guy. [...]